10 Things About Carmen!

10 Things About Carmen!

Hello, I’m Carmen! A mama, a maker and a home creator.

I have an amazing husband and two beautiful little children who are the absolute best (Leilah and Louie) They are the main reason that I do what I do. I work full time in the retail industry by day and home organisation and styling consultations by night. Something that’s a passion and hobby, and that I really thoroughly enjoy.

I use this platform to share the daily life of me and my family. I share the challenges of being a full time working mama and also the ways to overcome these obstacles. I share products I love, spaces I've organised or created and places I've been, to really showcase my life. I’m always looking on the bright side and keeping my platform light-hearted and fun. I'm always looking for ways to inspire my community day in and day out.

10 Fun Facts About Me!

1. I’m the youngest and only girl 👧🏼
2. I’ve never broken a bone 🦴
3. I’ve never had a bleeding nose 👃
4. My favorite food is hot chips 🍟
5. I use to redecorate my bedroom all the time 🔨
6. I had a hot pink wedding with glitter everywhere 👰🏼
7. I work full time in retail and absolutely love what I do 🛍
8. Hubby and I have been together for 12 years ❤️
9. I once had a hot pink bedroom with glitter in my walls ✨
10. I would rather eat 10 bowls of vegetables than one bowl of salad 🤢

I'd love to hear a fun fact about you below in the comments! 👇
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