Meet Carmen


Hola, I’m Carmen!

I’m a mama, a maker and a home creator.

I have an amazing husband and two beautiful little children who are the absolute best. Leilah & Louie, they are the main reason that I do what I do. I work full time in the retail industry by day & home organisation/styling consultations by night. Something that’s a passion/hobby and that I really thoroughly enjoy.

I use this platform to share the daily life of me and my family, I share the challenges of being a full time working mama and also the ways to overcome these obstacles. I share products I love, spaces I've organised/created and places I've been, to really showcase my life. I’m always looking on the bright side and keeping my platform light hearted and fun. I'm always looking for ways to inspire my community day in and day out. Hence my organising platform.

Anyway, Im a talker & if you let me ramble... I will. 

If you want to know more about me or about how I can help you please reach out to me. I love a chit chat!